Among German TV audiences, ZDF’s program WISO is known for its practical use and for having remained in tough with the end customers since the last 34 years. The new set design strengthens the already successful classical brand essence by guiding it into the present: a distinct design vocabulary and a purist furnishing promote a direct and personal designation.

Concrete, the new studio’s most prominent material, reflects the show’s closeness to everyday life and its uncompromising presentation. Frankfurt-based design studio Atelier Markgraph hence designed a sculptural set of five graduated modules that, in tandem with media technology, endows the stage with an intriguing offset in depth. Additionally, the set promotes a myriad of close-up shots. The principal idea: to facilitate a greater closeness between host, topics, and audiences.

Every module thus integrates different types of media, producing varied backgrounds and exciting color changes for a manifold use, e.g. live transmissions, interviews, talks and other presentations. In order to seamlessly incorporate social media, a portrait format social media column was developed specifically for the new set. The studio’s modularity further enables stage hands to quickly (dis)assemble the whole set, a necessity owed to the fast-moving reality of everyday TV production. The new set simultaneously cites the on-air design’s basic elements, in particular the slant of the initial letter “W”, which is echoed by illuminated gaps. As a result, the new studio design achieves a modern, striking appearance and a high recognition value.

ZDF Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, Mainz

Concept, Design, planning, project management:
Atelier Markgraph, Frankfurt/M.

Set construction:
ipoint Messe / Eventbau GmbH, Schönefeld

Cape Rock, Amsterdam

TDC Polska sp. Zo.o, Poznań

Documentary photography:
Kristof Lemp, Darmstadt

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