How do you showcase a moment to savour? The best way is live, and with all your senses! In the new WMF Group brand presentation at Ambiente 2015, Preparing, Cooking, Dining and Drinking take centre stage. For the first time, the premium manufacturer presents its three brands – WMF, Kaiser and Silit – under an overarching concept that showcases the product portfolio as a perfectly synchronized combination.

The approach involved developing cooking ’Moments’ that would reflect consumers’ own everyday cooking experiences. The four stations – Preparing, Cooking, Dining and Drinking – play with the natural sequences involved cooking, and convey the new trend for preparing and eating food together.

Outsize, polygon-shaped ceiling elements extend the height of the spatial production – and celebrate it themselves on the inside, aided by media feeds. Cooking and tasting stations then turn this sensory feast into a multisensory experience. The strategic repositioning is also apparent in the choice of colours and materials. Together with the protagonists – expert cooks, WMF products and ingredients – they create the perfect recipe for an inviting mood.

With its new product presentation strategy ’Moments’, WMF Group taps into social trends – and proves that cooking is far more than just a chore.

WMF Group AG, Geislingen / Steige

Architecture, exhibition and media design:

Atelier Markgraph, Frankfurt am Main

Graphics, light, media, booth construction:

Raumtechnik, Ostfildern