The greatest potential for climate protection lies in the heating technology sector. Yet although the technology and products to reduce climate change have been around for years, unawareness and uncertainty obstruct a better understanding of factors that could contribute to the Energiewende.

In response, the design concept for the Viessmann ISH 2015 production takes an unusual approach. It starts with something the general public knows well – automobility. After all, hybridisation, electrification and connectivity are the key topics in that world too.

Viessmann manages to make the link successfully because its innovative product solutions already respond to the challenges of the future: a highly efficient, renewable blend of two energy sources in one unit (Hybrid) offers planning security; smart, networked energy management (Connect) ensures high levels of comfort, and heating units that generate electricity (Power) provide greater independence.

Architecturally, three eight-metre-tall ‘beacons’ unite this forward-looking triad to create a high visibility landmark. Information graphics on their media-powered ’skins’ draw attention to the central topics; animated, technically precise pictures show the key principles of physics in action. Inside the towers, various scenographies provide a hands-on experience of the three focus topics, using selected new developments. For visitors, the result is a ’reality check’ based on solid facts – in dialogue with experts, interactively, and by means of products integrated via media feeds.

Viessmann GmbH & Co KG, Allendorf (Eder)

Concept, design and realisation:
Atelier Markgraph, Frankfurt am Main

mac messe- und ausstellungscenter Service GmbH, Langenlonsheim

kling klang klong, Berlin

Media production:
NSYNC, Berlin

Media: Neumann&Müller Veranstaltungstechnik, Esslingen

apfel, hübsch, Berlin

Graphic production:
Leo Kommunikation im Raum, Weinstadt