Predicting trends is an art in itself – making them spatially perceptible is another. At the Heimtextil trade fair, we took up this challenge and brought the future forecasts made by international design experts for 2019/2020 to life in a “Trend Space”: a poetic cosmos of experiences that makes tangible the lifestyle, textile and colour innovations of tomorrow. Themed “Toward Utopia”, visitors will embark on a voyage of discovery in five microcosms, the “Trend Stages”. The challenges and opportunities of the 21st century – such as sustainability or the potential of virtual realities – form the narrative and design framework. As visitors walk through the spaces of the future, they are not only immersed with all their senses in the living worlds of tomorrow, but are also challenged to develop their very own idea of utopia.

Beneath a ceiling installation consisting of seemingly floating air cushions, which makes the leitmotif “Toward Utopia” visible from long ranges, visitors can expect a clearly structured exhibition on 3,000 square metres. Each “Trend Stage” is characterised by an iconic landmark that makes the aesthetics and message of the interior trend visible from a distance. For example, in the colourful cosmos of “PURSUE PLAY”: visitors can enjoy the world in a playful way by swinging on a centrally installed textile swing to make messages become visible on monitors. Or on the minimalist “SEEK SANCTUARY” stage, which offers a textile audio tunnel for relaxation and meditation. With “ESCAPE REALITY”, on the other hand, visitors can flee from the real world by entering an oversized, rotating kaleidoscope. All stages have in common elaborate individual fabric orchestrations that turn the textiles of the future into a haptic experience.

The exhibition’s clear dramaturgy, in addition to personalized content like selfie areas and hidden messages, enables a lasting individual experience.

The connecting link between the “Trend Stages” is the “Connecting Zone”: a lively, changeable forum that invites exchange and networking. Here is the “Inspiration Flow”, an audiovisual installation that uses best practices to encourage visitors to reflect and share their own visions.

Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

Trend concept:
FranklinTill Studio, London

Trend Council:
FranklinTill Studio, London / SPOTT trends & business aps, Herning / Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, Amsterdam

“Trend Space” design:
Atelier Markgraph GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

Exhibition Construction:
Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

Documentation photos:
Bernd Kammerer, Frankfurt am Main
Kristof Lemp, Darmstadt
Atelier Markgraph, Frankfurt am Main

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