Minimalism and linearity are characteristic features of iconographic architecture. They also guided Atelier Markgraph in shaping the company stand of Investa at Expo Real, translating the corporate claim of the premium real estate company into a physical space. The temporary structure is characterised by clear lines and geographic forms which invoke the big names of the modern age.

Traditional boundaries blur by choosing a rough concrete structure for the interior and exterior walls. Generous openings in the front make it possible to get a glimpse of the interior from a long distance away. The interior provides space for information and exchange. Upon entering the corporate architecture, visitors will get a clear impression of the juxtaposition of rough and smooth surfaces. A sense of timeless quality is provided by the choice of materials like American walnut or the use of colours from the Le Corbusier colour scheme.

The fair stand’s depth of detail is also reflected by its purist furniture, which in turn welcomes visitors in a showroom atmosphere and provides the optimal setting to speak to its target groups. A ceiling-mounted sculpture of brushed aluminium further defines the interior with its abstract form that is actually a composition of five overlapping Investa projects. By positioning this piece in the centre, it connects the two floors of the stand and directs the observer’s eye towards the atriums which make the 90 square metre stand seem generously large.

Thanks to the tasteful interplay of minimalist forms with high-quality materials, a guiding theme for both concept and design was achieved, resulting in a stand that effectively represents the excellent type of structures at the core of Investa’s business.

Investa Holding GmbH, Eschborn

Communication concept and design:
Atelier Markgraph GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

Stand construction:
MAC GmbH, Langenlonsheim

BELA GmbH, Unterführung

Documentary photography:
MAC, Langenlonsheim / Atelier Markgraph, Frankfurt am Main