Enthusiasm for dialogue is part of the DNA of the creative industry. This is also shared by the gkk dialog, whose brand core derives directly from the self-description. For the full-service agency, we transferred these values ​​spatially in the new Frankfurt headquarters, the “House of Dialogue”, and made them experienceable from the underground car park to the sixth floor. The concept of “cultural recharging” by the Dutch creative consultant Jan Teunen was one of the design impulses for the new corporate experience of the gkk working world.

Our scenography extracts memorable communication measures and meaningful statements from the brand values. The first floor, for example, is entirely dedicated to the direct exchange of ideas: light installations, clear messages and a clear design language cite the straightforwardness of Minimal Art, symbolizing the immediacy of the dialogue. In contrast, the fifth floor, which is all about optimism, could not be more contrasted: Street Art and a larger-than-life smiley face create a playful world of experience that conveys a positive vision of the future. The third floor literally revolves around the eye-level on which conversation partners meet: turning and sliding puzzles of the employee portraits lead to absurdly humorous results and extend the floor by an interactive dimension, which promotes the communication between the employees. The theme architecture also took into account the new corporate identity designed by gkk dialog in cooperation with the Frankfurt design studio “blila.”, which uses the so-called “colour phoneme” to translate the spoken word into colour. This colour coding has been integrated into our dialogue measures across all floors. The agency premises are thus transformed into a culturally influenced world of experience that conveys a sense of lived dialogue.

gkk DialogGroup GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

Communication, design and realisation:
Atelier Markgraph, Frankfurt am Main

Corporate Design:
blila. Studio für Gestaltung, Frankfurt am Main