The marketing books, blogs and forums are full of articles on Customer Centricity, Design Thinking and other terms that are gradually taking centre stage in the course of digitalisation. But what aspects are relevant for a target audience of fitters and heating professionals? And how do you communicate the opportunities that digitalisation offers them?

At ISH 2017, Atelier Markgraph answered that question together with Viessmann by adopting a tradesman’s viewpoint. As a logical consequence, the Customer Journey – and hence the entire customer relationship process – took the form of a walk-round info graphic.

At five media-powered Arrow Stations, visitors were able to run through everyday work processes and discover how digital tools can support them with everything from automated cost estimates to digital support for planning, installation and new business. The topics were translated into realistic, at-a-glance language and images on the media-powered ‘close-up’ and ‘distance’ levels at the Customer Journey stations.

In the centrally-located Forum, 10-minute Augmented Reality presentations completed the customer-centric format. In a compact live format, Viessmann experts presented the diverse opportunities that arise when house, heating and tradesman software are networked. AR technology made it possible to show digital (ie non-physical) occurrences such as the communication between a thermostat and a heating pump too. This involved tracking white models on camera, then adding text and graphics on a media panel to embed the images in an informative setting. In the process, the complex topic of digitalisation was translated into relevant, practical information for the tradesmen who face the new challenges it involves.

Viessmann GmbH & Co. KG, Allendorf (Eder)

Concept, Planning, Design and Implementation:
Atelier Markgraph, Frankfurt am Main

AR Presentation Concept, Realtime Media Design and Realisation:
NSYNK Gesellschaft für Kunst und Technik, Berlin / Frankfurt am Main

Motion Design and Post Production:
ACHT FRANKFURT, Frankfurt am Main

AV Media and Lighting:
Neumann & Müller Veranstaltungstechnik, Ratingen

Graphic Production:
Leko Kommunikation im Raum, Weinstadt

mac messe-und ausstellungscenter Service, Langenlonsheim

Documentary photography:
Kristof Lemp, Darmstadt

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